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Consulting & deploying Microsoft 365 cloud services for all sizes of businesses, with the goal of fast, effective and extremely low cost

Reports using Microsoft Power BI

We have always been a pioneer in Microsoft Power BI in Vietnam. And always an important partner with Microsoft in the field of reporting

Building management application

With years of experience in development, construction and application development for many large enterprises, medium and small at home and abroad

Provide IT human resources and solutions

IT staff with many years of experience working for many domestic and foreign enterprises. With the motto “Where need we come, work hard we have”

The reason you should choose us

Technical Pioneer

With a solid foundation, we are now always pioneer in the field of technology

Professional Team

We and youth, enthusiasm and passion are always exchanging skills and creativity at work, will bring you satisfaction and absolute faith

Commitment to Quality

Product quality we bring to the job performance and the highest efficiency work for your business

Support 24/7

Customer care with the motto: “Quickly – Prestige – Quality”

Reliable Service

With many years in the field of technology, we are proud to be the mainstay of our customers trust

Optimal Solution

Consult the optimal solution, the right strategy for most of your business

The solution always comes from the actual need

The solutions given by ICT24h are built on practical experiences deployed in domestic and foreign enterprises, ensuring you will bring you the most comprehensive solution

Analysis reporting with Microsoft Power BI

You have a large amount of data from a variety of sources. You are having problems retrieving and connecting them together. You find it difficult to perform data analysis, reporting, and visualization. Let us help you with the Microsoft Power Bi solution suite

Manage & collaborate online easily with the cloud application

As a manager you have difficulty keeping track of your employees’ work progress and sales. You want to manage your business remotely. You are fed up with the well-stocked recordkeeping scene and have trouble searching every time. We have solutions that make your management easy. You can completely run your business anywhere, anytime

Always listen to understand and answer as well as provide the best products for you

With a team of professional consultants, call us to get the in-depth consultation with a team of our consultants

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