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Established in 2011, ICT24H Group now is a leading Vietnamese IT Services company focused on helping businesses large and small and transform their business with Microsoft technologies. We provides specialist technical, consulting and managed application support services for companies what expect to address performance, compliance and productivity initiatives on Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange and Cloud technologies.

As the increasing demand on Microsoft technologies, ICT24H Group has engaged many large organizations in Vietnam including government organizations  to deliver the best training courses of Microsoft technologies.

We believe our people and values is why many companies love working with us to deliver great results.

Our Approach

To do an excellent job at building any Microsoft business solution requires a mixture of professional skills from key areas: business, creative, infrastructure and development. ICT24H brings to every solution experts in these areas. By adding our post implementation and fanatical support, ICT24H is able to provide end-to-end solutions ensuring the highest quality result across every angle of an implementation.

To ensure we continually deliver on time and on budget, ICT24H has leveraged the Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) to control full life cycle of Microsoft technologies deployment.

ICT24H Group will also rotate logically between Microsoft Solution Framework and another Microsoft deployment methodology named Sure Step. The Sure Step provides a structured approach to implementing Microsoft business-critical solutions. It provides detailed guidance about the roles that are required to perform activities and proven best practices. Program Framework also utilizes Agile Methodology with Scrum method that represents an interactive approach to implementing the custom solution, which requires specific features and moderate-to-complex customization.

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