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       When you sign up for the service at www.ict24h.net, you are assured that we have implemented a comprehensive privacy policy, ensuring that only you and the people you provide information are allowed to view. Your account information. We respect your privacy and feel it is important for you to know how we handle the information we receive from you through our website at www.ict24h.net and through via the request of the support application on our website or the tools and services provided on this site.



       When you sign up for the service, we will ask for some information such as Name, Company Name, Address and E-mail. When you sign up, you do not need to enter your credit card information until you decide to renew your service and make the payment. ICT24h uses an intermediary to manage and process credit card information. This intermediary is not permitted to store, retain, or use your payment information except for the sole purpose of processing credit cards on ICT24h.

       You can modify your account information at any time by making changes in the account management section (you can log in directly from the homepage of this site). The provisions of ICT24h are forbidden to use your personal information for any marketing purpose. ICT24h may use your personal information to collect other information such as your service history and use this information for payment, identification and authentication purposes, or to contact you. You may use the Services as needed.



       When you visit websites or use our Services, we use “cookies” – which are interpreted as a piece of information stored on your computer – to allow websites or services. to identify your browser while you are logged in and allow your ICT24h online transaction processing. Cookies also help us validate your identity and confirm your use of the Service. ICT24h uses cookies that only ICT24h can read and use, to identify you as an ICT24h customer and to log into the Service more simply.

       When you visit the site ICT24h, advertising cookies will be installed on your computer so we can understand what you are interested. Then our advertising partners will display relevant information or services to introduce you to other services that better support you. Advertising techniques used by our partners do not collect personal information such as name, email address, postal address, or telephone number.



       Except as set forth in this policy, ICT24h will not give, sell, rent, or lend any personal information to any third party except as required by the government. , court order or other applicable laws. We may also share information if we believe it is necessary to serve, investigate, prevent, or take action in connection with illegal activities, suspected fraud, threaten to the safety of any person or other law. ICT24h may also provide non-personal, aggregated or grouped information about our customers, service & sales information, data transfer models, service operation models, Information and websites related to reputable third-party vendors, but these statistics will not contain personal information of the customer.



       The services and applications on this site are not intended or intended to collect any personal information of children under the age of 13.



       ICT24h maintains reasonable security measures to protect your information from unauthorized loss, destruction, abuse, access or disclosure. These technologies help ensure that your data is safe and available only to you and to those you provide access to. However, the general rule is that without any service provider or data over the Internet, storage technology information can be guaranteed to be 100% safe.



       ICT24H may update this policy periodically without notice. You may review the most recent versions of this Privacy Policy at any time in the Privacy Policy. Continued use of our services means you have accepted the privacy policies set forth herein. The only way you will not accept the terms of this privacy policy is to stop using the service and the website provided by us.

       ICT24h may assign or transfer this Privacy Policy, your accounts, any related information and data, to any person or entity that purchases or merges with ICT24h in the future. .



       If you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, please contact us via email at tung@ict24h.net.



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