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ICT24h provide training services to the individual requirements of each business. The training program is designed requirements for each training objectives and the specific characteristics of each business and are held all over the country.

Especially with pioneering advantage of cloud computing platforms. ICT24h always given the training package that best suits business needs, from system management activities to professional.


Step 1: Consult and set training goals
ict24H combined with business training needs to gather information on the expectations of management, the current state of the team. Then, proceed to analyze, evaluate and direct consultation in order to establish specific training objectives, consistent with the particular needs and characteristics of the business.

Step 2: System Analysis and design training programs
After identifying the training objectives for the training program is specific in Step 1, a team of ICT24h will research, analyze existing systems, personnel attendance and content design programs why to ensure optimal efficiency and economy for business needs.

Step 3: Compiling training materials
With the aim of optimizing the effectiveness of training, in this step, experts will conduct ICT24h Material Editor, system simulator lab situations, … used to teach and give students. Along with the compilation, the experts will also conduct allocation program content and the way of partial transmission ensures that best suit specific target groups participated.

Step 4: Implement training
In-house training of ICT24h will collaborate with businesses and organizations, and training to deploy the most effective way in accordance with the agreed program.

Step 5: Review after training (if any)
Depending on the characteristics of the training program and individual requests from the Board of Directors now, / In-house training will be studied and assessed after training. This step will be taken if required now. And depending on the level of assessment will generate more new job categories where both sides are essential to exchange and agreed before implementation.

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